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Edgewood Landscaping was formed in 1990. Since the formation of our business, we have steadily continued to grow and are always taking on new forms of landscaping. We provide a full range of services which include design and installation of both new construction and landscape rehabilitation.  We design all of our projects and enjoy working with our clients to create a unique and enjoyable outdoor environment.  

We believe that our success over the years is a testament to our dedication to provide a quality service. In every project, no matter how large or small, we aim for perfection and always take the extra step to ensure that our customers are satisfied. We also take pride in the fact that our work is well constructed and remains beautiful for years to come. 

The following is a brief summary of what you can expect after you contact us for a project:
We will set up an appointment to visit your home or business. At the initial meeting, we will discuss what you are looking for and show you examples of our work. We will also take measurements and pictures of the area to be landscaped. With the ideas discussed and the measurements taken, we will design a unique proposal and an estimate of the total cost. After this is completed, we will set up an additional meeting with you to discuss our design. At this point, changes can be made until the design is exactly what you are looking for. Once the proposal is accepted, we will schedule a date for when your project will begin.   

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